Feburary 9th, 2019 6-9 pm

STREAMLINE Cafe & Art Salon is very proud to present:




Anthony Grant is a visual designer by day, and artist in the bits of time in between. His work often contains fragments from user interfaces, advertising iconography, cartoons, and messages. The work on display poses the question, “where do our thoughts go once they are sent via text, posted to a comment thread, uploaded to a social media platform?”. Anthony pulls words and or imagery from the ether out of context to, possibly, give these thoughts new life, new meaning, new perspective.

On display from March 9th to April 20th.

Opening reception March 9th, 6PM to 9PM

January 19th, 2019 6-10pm

STREAMLINE Cafe & Art Salon is very proud to present:

(mostly) rock 'n' roll 1980-1994

photography by Steve Rapport


Reception for the artist on January 19th, 6-10pm @ Streamline

 Capturing emotion and feeling in a photograph is no easy feat.  No matter how much presence the subject of the photograph possesses, a captured image alone can still fail to convey the subject’s soul, their being.  Steve Rapport captures who or what he photographs in a way that makes those who view his work “feel” the image.

 This show – (Mostly) Rock ‘N’ Roll 1980-1994 – showcases some of his well-known iconic work alongside some of his lesser known pieces, all of which are deep, and significant.  Much of it from his time in London as a freelance photographer for publications like Rolling Stone, Vox, The Guardian and Sounds.  During this time Steve also produced work for many record labels, such as CBS, Warner Brothers, RCA, EMI and Polydor. 

His body of work includes such luminaries as Nelson Mandela, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Prince, Freddie Mercury, James Brown, Joe Strummer, Billy Bragg, REM, Iggy Pop and many others.  He also continues to photograph for many organizations and events that support causes he deeply believes in; human rights, social justice and racial justice.  Some of this will be featured in the show.

For the past seventeen years, following his second career in web design and development, Steve has been teaching TaeKwonDo, Kickboxing, self-defense and interval training classes at Hwa Rang Kwan Martial Arts Center, his martial arts school (and San Francisco Legacy Business) in SoMa.

We, at Streamline, are honored to know Steve and have the opportunity to host his work!

Tim Boxell - October 2018


Writer, television and film director, animator, and art school instructor Tim Boxell invites you for a close look an exhibition of his original MONSTER designs for the 1984 horror cult classic film C.H.U.D. (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers). 

The toxic C.H.U.D. came up from the sewers of New York City to terrorize the local population. The impact of the film’s title creatures has spread to many realms. The acronym “CHUD” became a slang word for kids in the 80’s, fondly used for diminishing the social standing of a fellow rival.

Tim worked extensively in the 70’s and 80’s underground comic world (Commies from Mars, Slow Death, Death Rattle, Snarf).  His unique vision for horror, such as the credited inspiration for the “chestburster” scene in Dan O’Bannon’s story writing for ALIEN, can be seen in the design of these original graphite and marker character studies. He gives these monsters a tangibly vibrant pulse of life.

 “Monsters bring on emotional reactions that we find entertaining even if we have our doubts about the wisdom of seeking them out. We like looking at monsters even if they make us feel fear and horror”.

 Come see and feel for yourself…

Group Show - August 2018

Passage 3


Capturing Transformation

60Six and Streamline present “Passage 3” a group photography show presenting work under the theme of transformation; political, psychological, cultural, environmental and technological.

Steve Molnar’s gelatin silver prints document the Nicaraguan people’s opposition to the government’s proposed canal, which would cut through the country as well as capturing daily ways of life in various communities, including the indigenous population of the Rama.

Henrik Kam’s photographic mandala images use google map satellite screen captures of images of troubled areas of the earth as the raw material for the work. The series “Anthropogenic Geography 2015-2018, Mandalas For Planet Earth” manifests healing energy, where a mysterious alchemy occurs from the artist’s process and materials.

Multi-disciplinary artist and composer Peter Whitehead, who has worked for years in music, sculpture and painting, shifts his eye to photography. His series of color iPhone photos capture the often ignored and seldom documented changing environment of the Bay Area’s Treasure Island.

This show also includes work by Michael Jang, David King, Pam Borrelli, Michele Willson and  Los Angeles photographer Julie Green.

Opening reception is Saturday, August 18, 7-10pm at Streamline Salon, 3560 Taraval, SF CA (at 46th). Open through September 30 at Streamline. Check website for hours.

In October this show can be viewed by appointment at 60SIX at 12 Elgin Park SF CA 94103      

This show is hosted by 60SIX and Streamline but viewings only at Streamline until October.

http://www.gallery60six.com for more info:415-577-4396

Kellie Jo Brown - July 2018

Night Photography


Based in Eureka, Kellie Jo Brown is inspired by the natural beauty of what many of us take for granted.  The light, color and shapes that exist around us every day, and every night.  Kellie scouts her local environment looking for inspiring visions.  Visions that we see, yet rarely recognize as natural, situational beauty.  This show is centered around her long exposure photography which enables the viewer to see the fine details of our everyday surroundings at night.  It is an uncommon way to witness these scenes in a manner that illustrates beauty in often unexpected ways.

Douglas Gorney - May 2018



Geoff Cusic - April 2018

Aeronautical Photography


Gwen Faber-Terpstra - November 2017

Mess-A-Jing A Mixed Media Installation
Addressing “The Lost of Authentic Communication”

Artists Statement:

Gwen Faber-Terpstra

mixed media

I’m working with the concept of chance, as well as with my affinity for symbols and letterforms. There are 3 small series within this group of work. First, are works with vinyl letters on vintage cast off wallpaper in minimal compositions. These three pieces could read as simple poems. Second, the series of small negative space vinyl backings of the letters are semi-sculptural pieces, which have a chance, chaotic element occur from the gravity and electricity of the sticky plastic backing tangling up the material when pulled off. My role is to make order out of the chaos and create a composition that is both 2-D and 3-D on the wall. When taken off the wall they are destroyed, thus they become temporary installations. Third, are abstract paintings using type, tapes and mixed media.

The work speaks to our culture’s loss of authentic communication as well as the difficulty accessing “truth” in lieu of the randomness of the internet and digital communication and in the present political situation. My work as a print graphic

designer for many years enters into the pieces with my choices of utilizing letterforms as a medium. Visually, there is an action and a feeling of “a mess happening” and an effort to create order. The pieces ride a certain edge I like, which could connote language being at the same time incessant noise and sublime quiet

Donna Roggi - October 2017

The Recommencement
Wood Block Cuts and Prints

Bridget Ryan - September 2017

Conamara - Mo Nadur


Sean Silk - July 2017

Ocean Beach Artists - June 2017

Group Show

Michelle Bond

Nancy Buffum

Joe Dellert

Carlo Grünfeld

Paul Kensinger

Elaine Pratt

Fr. John Takahashi

René Villa

07OBA Images.png

OBA Story

In early 2013 several Outer Sunset artists, who knew each other through neighborhood meetings, classes or church, decided to create a local group to encourage, critique and support each other’s work.

For over 5 years now, the group has been meeting once a month.  The meetings take place on 45th avenue, rotating among the various artists’ homes.   

The group currently has ten active members who work with a variety of mediums.  Including photography, drawing, painting, collage, quilting and printing. 

Our community is named the Ocean Beach Artists, OBA.

Leigh Barbier - April 2017


Group Show - December 2016

100 Years of Dada

Installation view of our premiere event on December 16, 2016 "Celebrate 100 years of DADA" group show in collaboration with Gallery 60SIX. Featuring artists Michael Jang, David King, Leigh Barbier, Jurgen Trautwein, Peter Whitehead, Sean Silk, Niwa Davis, Lammert VW, Sean Silk, Caily Akridge, Gwen Terpstra & Brent Willson.